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General Submission FAQs

Where is CGC Cards located?

CGC Cards is part of the Certified Collectibles Group, which is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, USA, with an ~130,000 square-meter campus of secure buildings. In the UK, Certified Collectibles Group - International UK Limited (CCG UK), an affiliate of CGC Cards, operates a submission office in Bloomsbury, London.

How do I submit cards for certification in the UK?

CGC Cards free and paid Collector members may submit their cards directly. Join today!

Once you are a member, you can schedule an appointment to drop off your submissions at CGC Cards' London office, or you can ship your submissions to the London office.

To schedule an appointment to drop off at the London office:

Contact CGC Cards in the UK at +44 (0) 20 3968 3848 or at [email protected]. You must schedule an appointment to submit in person.

To arrange a shipment to the London office:

The submitter is responsible for selecting the carrier and level of insurance. CGC Cards is not liable for losses or damage to cards in transit. Shipments should be addressed to:

Certified Collectibles Group - International UK Limited
69 Southampton Row, Second Floor
London, United Kingdom

Note: Submissions sent through the mail must be delivered to CGC Cards' London office during normal business hours.

To arrange a shipment from the London office:

Fill out the UK Return Shipping Form, which can be found here. Make sure to:

  • Enter all information requested in the form.
  • Select your own carrier (which requires a completed shipping label) or authorize CGC Cards to arrange shipping and insurance according to the rate table in the form (recommended).
  • Make sure you sign your form.
  • Include the completed form with your submission.

Note: If a UK Return Shipping Form is not included with a submission, CGC Cards will hold the cards at its London office for pick-up. Payments are accepted by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and electronic transfer. CGC Cards has online payment portals to make it easier for clients to pay securely by credit card. To learn more, click here. Many Authorized Dealers in the UK also accept submissions from the public.

How does Brexit affect submissions to CGC Cards?

Submissions to CGC Cards from customers located outside of the UK may be subject to import duties upon arrival in the UK. Customers are responsible for all costs, including any import duties, incurred when shipping to CGC Cards in the UK. (CGC Cards covers all shipping costs between its London office and its US headquarters.)

The London office will not ship submissions to customers in the EU. Customers located outside of the UK will need to make their own arrangements to pick up collectibles from CGC Cards' London office.

EU customers may also consider submitting directly to CGC Cards' US headquarters. For more information, visit (for coins), (for paper money), (for comics, magazines and posters) or (for tCGs, non-sports and sports cards).

How do I submit to CGC Cards?

Collectors no longer need to have a paid membership to submit cards for grading! Meanwhile, paid members enjoy even lower grading fees and other benefits. Memberships start at just £25 per year. Once you create either a free account or join with a membership, you can complete our user-friendly online submission for and submit your cards to CGC Cards for certification.
Please note that a £2 fee per card will be applied to cards that are not fully described on the submission form.

How many cards can I submit at once?

There is a limit of 300 cards per invoice.

How are turnaround times calculated?

Turnaround times reflect the average length of time that we think it will take to complete a submission received today under a given grading tier or service. Turnaround times for individual submissions can vary based on a variety of factors including whether the submission form was completed properly, the submission was packaged correctly, the collectibles require additional research and other reasons.

We strive to provide the most up-to-date turnaround time estimates on our website. For current turnaround times, please visit

Can I cancel or change my order after my submission has been delivered to CGC?

Once your submission is in transit to CGC, your order cannot be cancelled or changed. CGC has already started working on your submission to perform your requested services. No refunds can be given after a submission has been delivered.

Please note that turnaround times are only estimates and are not guaranteed. For current services and fees as well as turnaround times, click here.

Why do I need to list my cards' value on the submission form?

CGC Cards needs a declared value to insure cards while they are at our facility. A card's value also determines the CGC Cards grading tier. Since CGC Cards guarantees the authenticity and grade of cards that it certifies, it charges a higher fee for more valuable cards.

Can I check the grade of my submission before I get it back?

The CGC Cards website offers a free Submission Tracking resource that enables you to check the status of your submission as it makes its way through the certification process. The Submission Tracking tool is the quickest and easiest way to see that your submission has been received, whether it has been graded and when it is on its way back to you. Grades and card details are available to view online when a submission's status is "Shipped."

Customer Service representatives do not provide the grades of submissions over the phone or via email.

To access Submission Tracking, simply log in to your account by clicking "Sign In" at the upper right of the CGC Cards website and then clicking on "My Submissions" under your profile symbol.

When will my payment be processed by CGC Cards?

CGC Cards processes credit card payments at the time a submission is received.

Does CGC Cards image cards that are submitted for grading?

Yes, CGC images all graded cards after encapsulation. These images are available to view at For high-resolution images emailed to you, CGC Cards offers digital imaging for cards submitted under any of CGC Cards' grading and service tiers. This imaging service consists of accurate high-resolution images of the front and back of the card, shown encapsulated in its CGC Cards holder. The fee is £5 and applies to all cards on the submission form.

If I remove my collectible from its CGC Cards holder, what should I do with the label?

If you remove your collectible from its CGC Cards holder, you can return the label to CGC Cards so that the collectible is no longer counted in the CGC Cards Population Report. This helps to make the CGC Cards Population Report more accurate.
Please note that removing a collectible from its CGC Cards holder will void any guarantee provided by the company. If you would like it to be re-encapsulated by CGC Cards, it would need to be submitted for grading as a raw (ungraded) collectible.

Still not finding an answer? Contact CGC Customer Service at (+44) (0) 20 3968 3848 or [email protected].

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