CGC Trading Cards Grading Scale

CGC Trading Cards uses a highly accurate 10-point grading scale to evaluate Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! and other trading cards. Below are CGC Trading Cards’ grading standards for each numeric grade as well as information on sub-grades.

Numeric Grades

Perfect 10
A Perfect 10 is a card that has received the grade of Pristine 10 with all four sub-grades being 10. This “quad 10” is the best a card can be. It has no post-production flaws under 10x magnification in all four sub-grades.
Pristine 10
A Pristine 10 card must have perfect centering and no evidence of any manufacturing or handling defects. Corners will appear perfect to the naked eye and Gem Mint under 10x magnification. The surface is free of print spots and should also display perfect gloss.
Gem Mint 9.5
The card will have excellent centering and exhibit only negligible handling or manufacturing defects.
Mint 9
The card shows at least above-average centering and only a few minor manufacturing or handling defects.
NM/Mint+ 8.5
A card with at least average-to-above-average centering. The card will show small handling defects.
NM/Mint 8
A well-preserved card with at least average centering and small-to-moderate handling defects.
NM+ 7.5
A well-preserved card with a moderate defect or a number of small defects.
NM 7
A slightly played card that has strong eye appeal but has a moderate defect or a number of small defects.
Ex/NM+ 6.5
A slightly played card with minor scuffing, indentations, soiling or fading.
Ex/NM 6
An attractive card that is still bright. It will have a moderate defect and a number of small defects.
Excellent+ 5.5
A moderately played card. It will have moderate and small defects.
Excellent 5
A played card with moderate and small defects. It may also have a light crease.
VG/Ex+ 4.5
A card with obvious signs of play with loss of sheen and whitening extending the entire border.
VG/Ex 4
A heavily played card with several moderate defects including creases.
Very Good+ 3.5
A heavily played card with a couple of major defects. There will be no tears, however.
Very Good 3
A heavily played card with several major defects as well as some moderate defects. There will be no tears, however.
Good+ 2.5
A card that exhibits major-to-extreme defects with heavy creases and significant discoloration.
Good 2
An extremely played card that has poor detail and an accumulation of major defects.
Fair 1.5
A damaged card with poor eye appeal and extreme defects.
Poor 1
An extensively damaged card with large tears and other extreme defects.


In addition to a card's overall grade, CGC Trading Cards will assign sub-grades for Centering, Corners, Edges and Surface by request for an additional fee. The sub-grades will be determined based on the following criteria.

The registration of the card's primary front and back designs within the frame of the cardstock as intended by the original design.
The visual and structural integrity of the corners of the card.
The visual and structural integrity of the edges of the card.
The visual and structural integrity of the surface of the card.

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