CGC Cards Expands to China; On-site Grading Event Announced for December 2023

Posted on 19/09/2023

CGC Cards will grade sports cards, TCGs and non-sports cards in China in December 2023. Submissions may be made through eligible dealers across China. Read on for services, fees and submission instructions.

CGC Cards is thrilled to announce that it will begin grading sports cards, trading card games (TCGs) and non-sports cards in China in December with an on-site grading event at the office of its affiliate, NGC Shanghai Business Information Consulting Co., Ltd. (NGC Shanghai). During this event, CGC Cards will offer its full expert and impartial authentication, grading and encapsulation services on location, with an extremely fast turnaround time.

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CGC Cards uses expert graders, advanced technology and operational excellence to provide collectors with accurate, consistent, affordable and fast certification services. Every card certified by CGC Cards is backed by a guarantee of authenticity and grade.

Nearly 5 million sports cards, trading card games (TCGs) and non-sports cards have already been certified by CGC Cards since it was established by the Certified Collectibles Group (CCG) in July 2020. CCG has a strong track record of success in third-party grading. Founded in 1987, CCG includes the global brands of NGC, PMG, CGC and ASG, each of which is a leader in its category.

“This on-site grading event is only the beginning of our efforts to serve card collectors and dealers in China,” said Steven R. Eichenbaum, CEO of CCG. “We have provided expert coin, paper money and stamp grading services in China for many years, and we are honored to now expand our services to include card grading.”

Submissions for the CGC Cards on-site grading event in December must be made through an NGC Shanghai Authorized Dealer. Please see below for a list of dealers accepting submissions for this event. Submissions for grading must be received by NGC Shanghai by 5:00 p.m. on November 27, 2023. Submissions for ReHolder must be received by 5:00 p.m. on November 20, 2023.

CGC Cards will endeavor to complete all submissions by December 16, 2023. Demand for this on-site grading event is expected to be high, so collectors and dealers are encouraged to submit as early as possible. If CGC Cards reaches its capacity, submitters will be given the option to have their cards returned ungraded, or held for the next on-site grading event, which is planned for March 2024. CGC Cards expects to conduct on-site grading events on a regular basis at its Shanghai office.

Fees for on-site grading

The following cards will be accepted at this event: TCGs, sports cards and non-sports cards sized 2-5/8 inches x 3-3/4 inches (6.6 cm x 9.5 cm) or smaller. Cards may be up to 7.25 mm thick. For more information about cards accepted by CGC Cards, click here. For more information about the CGC Cards holder, click here.

For the CGC Cards on-site grading event, NGC Shanghai is accepting wire payments only; credit card payments will not be accepted at this event. For faster processing, dealers must pay when they pick up their submissions.

A complete list of services and fees for the CGC Cards on-site grading event is below. All fees and maximum values are in Chinese Yuan (¥).

Grading tiers, services and fees:

Economy ¥ 7,500 ¥ 100 ¥ 106
Express ¥ 75,000 ¥ 400 ¥ 424
WalkThrough Unlimited ¥ 1,250 ¥ 1,325
ReHolder ¥ 75,000 ¥ 80 ¥ 84.80
High Value ReHolder Unlimited ¥ 200 ¥ 212
Autograph N/A ¥ 15 ¥ 15.90

There is no handling fee for submissions to CGC Cards.

How to submit

To ensure efficient processing, NGC Shanghai will only accept submissions from its Authorized Dealers at this event. Collectors must submit their cards through an NGC Shanghai Authorized Dealer.

Dealers must submit at least 200 cards to participate in the event. Submissions will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that submission capacity is limited. If your submission cannot be completed in December, you will have the option to have the submission returned ungraded, or CGC Cards will hold the submission until the next event, which is planned for March 2024.

Dealers accepting cards for the CGC Cards on-site grading event are listed below:

Card Hobby (Shanghai Ssuper Technology Co., Ltd.)

Email: [email protected]

Modu Homie

Address: Room 403, Building C, No.180 Changjiang South Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai
WeChat Account: gh_3ad6b3130be5
Contact Information A
Telephone: 13764271458
Contact Information B
Telephone: 18964810423

PTCG Hayoumi Gym

Address: Building 8, No.125 Yongfu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
WeChat Account: gh_42dd86107efe
Contact Information A
Telephone: 13764271458
Contact Information B
Telephone: 18964810423

Wanhuayunyou (Shanghai) Cultural Creativity Co., Ltd.

Address: 21F1, Zao-Fong Universe Building, No. 1800, Zhongshan West Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Telephone: 021-54107318
WeChat Account: Wanhuayunyou

Beijing Kaxing Times Culture Development Co., Ltd.

Telephone: 13810100153

Fuzhou Lewuyou Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 504, Bailian Building, No. 2, Shuguang Branch Road, Shuguang Community, Aofeng Sub-district, Taijiang District, Fuzhou
Telephone: 0591-83652209
WeChat Account: TCG HOME
WeChat Mini Program: PTCG HOME

Beijing Lucky 1 of 1 Card

Telephone: 15901080625
WeChat Account: Lucky1of1Card

Langfang Lingchuyun Trading Co., Ltd.

Address: PTCG Lingchuyun, Chun He Qun Xing Yuan Ground Floor Shop, Xiadian Town, Dachang Hui Automonous County, Langfang, Hebei Province
Telephone: 15230641669


Submission Method: Ka-World App
WeChat Account: Qiuxingkashijiebbs

Shanghai Zunping Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 1311, No. 118, Jiufeng Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai
Telephone: 13795364885

Qingdao Yingka Media Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 29, Guomian Avenue, Fangzhigu, No. 80, Siliu South Road, Shibei District, Qingdao, Shandong Province
Telephone: +86 18766485212
WeChat Account: In Cards

Hangzhou Kaying Cultural Development Co., Ltd.

Address: Building 3, No. 18, Pingxin Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
Telephone: 18042422323
WeChat Account: kalai2023

Mxiqi (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Telephone: 15210361027
WeChat Account: mxiqi-com

Shanghai Mika Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Telephone: 18502123698
Address: Room 902, 259 Guoxia Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai
WeChat Account: meetcard01


Beijing Address: 4001C, Huahui Building A, Gaobeidian, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Telephone (Beijing): 17710598067
Shanghai Address: 652, Huiheng Road, Xujing Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai
Telephone (Shanghai): 13916169750
WeChat Account: Shuadongdong Studio
WeChat Mini Program: Trickard

Shenzhen Kacang Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 520, 5th Floor, Building R2B, Gaoxin South Qidao High Tech Industrial Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Telephone: 13538887396


Telephone: 13705790246
WeChat Account: PokeColor


Telephone: 15821101230

Tianjin Jiman Technology Media Co., Ltd.

Address: 127 Zhongnan Road, Nankai District, Tianjin
Telephone: 13682001833
WeChat: jm6789hw
WeChat Mini Program: Jimanhaowu
WeChat Account: Jimanchuanmei
Email: [email protected]

Youju (Masi Trading (Beijing) Co., Ltd.)

Address 1: 706 Westgate Mall,1038 Nanjing West Road
Address 2: Building L2-15, 2F, 889 Plaza, 889 Wanhangdu Road
Address 3: Room 123, 1F, Shanghai Bay Plaza, 1138 Pudong South Road, Lujiazui Street
Address 4: No.08, Second floor - South, Yunzhou Commercial Building, Xuhui District, Shanghai (For Submission Only)
Submission Telephone: 13656122541
WeChat Account: 17501699860

Hainan Papikaidi Trading Co., Ltd.

Address: Cross Border E-commerce Industrial Park, Bianhe District, Hunchun, Jilin Province
Telephone: 15201960916

Jingxi Sports Card Club

Telephone: 15727304776
Submission Method: Tckacang App
WeChat: jingxiqiuxingka

Maomao Comic and Card Shop

Address: No. 722, City Star, Huanghe Road, Changshu, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province
Telephone: 18962325688/18913077513

Huoxing Game Center

Address: Huoxing Game, Building 2, Shidai Zhi Guangmingyuan, No. 45 Xizhimen North Street, Haidian District, Beijing, Shanghai 200023, China
Telephone: 13051343344
WeChat Account: hxgame111

Beijing Kasibi Popular Culture Co., Ltd.

Telephone: 18611722027
WeChat: 18611722027
Himalaya: QiuxingkadaoBdao

Shanghai Jicao Cultural Creativity Co., Ltd.

Telephone: 18601612564
WeChat Mini Program: Jicaochoukaji

Cards Pool

Shanghai Address A (Submission Office): Room 208, Building 1, Phase 2, Manufacturing Bureau, 427 Jumen Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Shanghai Address B (Lugong Store): B66, New Block 2nd Floor No. 600 Ju Men Road, Shanghai 200023, China
Shanghai Telephone: 021-60781511/18516566995
Beijing Address (Madian Store): B2073, 2F, Madian Postal Card Market, 23 Huangsi Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Beijing Telephone: 15210881390

Shanghai Leyida Stamps Coins and Cards Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Telephone: 18817708772

Qiaohaopai (Shanghai Chengquan Culture Communication Co., Ltd.)

Address: 2F, Dongmu Culture Museum, 2751 Hutai Road, Shanghai
Telephone: 13761138459
WeChat Account: qiaohaopai

Shanghai Tianli Collection Culture Dissemination Co., Ltd.

Address A: Room 6201, 2F, Building 6, Dongfang Shangbo Garden, 3539 Dongfang Road, Pudong New area, Shanghai
Address B: Room 2307, Zhongkuang building, No. 620, Jiumen Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Official Consultation Hotline: 021-68387888
Customer Service WeChat: tljc2000

Paikehui Culture Communication (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

Address:Room 701, Building 4, Dajincheng Zhenpin Community, Xiqing District, Tianjin
Telephone: +86 15510887478
WeChat Account: CardMyst-SC

TOPHOBBY Sports Card

Address: No. 3-16, Bottom Floor, Pedestrian Street, Building 3, Courtyard 32, Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Telephone: +86 18500382501
WeChat Account: TOPHOBBYLY
E-mail: [email protected]

Beijing Jiangrenyoushen Culture Communication LLC (edcGrading)

Address: Hengda Mingdu, Jialu Road, Shishi City, Fujian Province
Telephone: +86 18459029804
WeChat Account: Aze_aze0731
E-mail: [email protected]

Need more info?

For more information, contact NGC Shanghai:

NGC Shanghai Business Information Consulting Co., Ltd.
Unit 1101-41, Shanghai Central Plaza, 381 Huaihai Middle Road,
Shanghai, China 200020
Telephone: (+86) 400 635 8226, (+86) 21 6091 8050
[email protected]

Interested in working for CGC Cards in Shanghai?

CGC Cards is actively seeking card experts in China to join its Shanghai team and contribute their knowledge to identify, authenticate and grade TCGs, non-sports and sports cards. If you are interested in applying for a position in Shanghai, please visit our careers page to apply!

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